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Commercial and Residential Elevators

We are a leading supplier, installer, maintainer  and service company across our offices in North America. We install service and maintain our non-proprietary elevators systems.

On the commercial side of our business we offer everything from small automatic LULA elevators we call the BOSS. To our EDGE series of  full size holeless hydraulic passenger  elevators. Not to mention our class leading ICON machine room less traction elevators. 

On the private residential side of our business we supply and install only fully automatic door elevators. NO MORE SWING DOORS. Experience a real home elevator. 

Customer Testimonials

Sampling of responses from Commercial and Residential Feedback 

Great, reliable elevators. Smooth as possible installations. Have been our number one elevator supplier for over a decade. Non-proprietary allows others to maintain their elevators

They installed by automatic door home elevator on time. Worked great with my builder. I have owned other home lifts before. But this is my first Vertechs home elevator. To be able to call the elevator and have all the elevator doors open for me just like a real elevator is so convenient.

There to help when needed. During the design phase, all the way through to hand over. elevators are not easy in Ontario in terms of integration within the building.Vertechs does a good job of making it clear what is required for all to get through inspection and handover. 

Had them in for a lunch and learn. The presentation was good.  They where able to answer all of our questions. Very knowledgeable about elevators. 

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