Vertechs Elevators a history

Over 25 years ago Vertechs Elevators became a part of the OLS-NA group of elevator companies. OLS-NA has been a leader in elevator parts and packages for over 50 years in North America.  With a mission to become a leader in the independent elevator world.

We have two main territories of focus. The south Florida marketplace, and the province of Ontario. 

Reliable , Safe , Code compliant, NOn-proprietary

We supply and install our own product. We strive to be the best independent elevator company in the areas we do business. 

Contact us today , our knowledgeable staff will help guide you through your elevator selection process. 

Commercial Elevators

From your 2 floor church LULA, to your 3 floor medical office hydro, and to your advanced machine roomless traction in your 17 floor condo. We can help

Residential Elevators

We only supply real elevators for your home. Experience the convenience, luxury and safety of automatic doors