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Vertechs has partnered with the world's largest hydraulic elevator company having in excess of 650,000 elevator systems installed worldwide.
Through 50 years of continued development, Vertechs has a distinct advantage in the marketplace.
This advanced technology is at the heart of every Vertechs elevator.

Reliable, steady and stable...not just our elevators but our company too!

After nearly two decades in the industry, we’ve learned a thing or two – and we use that knowledge to build exceptional commercial and residential elevators. We keep our clients involved in every step of the process – from administration and engineering, to manufacturing and installation.

Best product, best installation, and the best price for Residential Home or Commercial Elevators.

We’re incredibly proud of our elevators. We’re able to charge less than our competition because we’re more efficient in everything that we do – and we pass that savings onto our clients. Don’t be fooled by our low prices. We’re the best in the industry. Our positive reputation among architects, developers, builders and homeowners has helped us to become a leader in affordable elevator solutions for commercial and residential projects.

We’re recognized for our innovation, quality, expertise, pricing, and our uncompromising commitment to safety. This is accomplished through product design, pre-installation resting, efficient installation, comprehensive maintenance, and a commitment to our customers.



Vertechs came into existence in 1996 as a result of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guideline directing all public buildings to be made accessible to everyone. During this time only two types of elevators existed: residential lifts and full size commercial elevators. The residential lift was limited to 12 sq. ft. making it too small for wheelchair use. The commercial elevator had plenty of room for a wheelchair but its high cost was viewed as an unacceptable financial expense for small public buildings such as schools, churches, libraries, office buildings, medical buildings etcetera. These reasons precipitated the development of a new elevator class, the LULA system (Limited Use /Limited Application) and with it Vertechs Industries Inc. was born.

After years of success with the Vertechs LULA we turned our attention to the needs of the Home Elevator market. At the time, the market only offered what is known today as a Residential Lift. These units covered the basic needs of the consumer but didn’t fulfill the level of practicality the public was looking for. The need for a True Home Elevator was inevitable and inspired us to engineer the Vertechs Veu.

The VEU represented the first major change in the Home elevator industry in more than 50 years by combining the safety and convenience of a commercial elevator with the beauty and elegance of a residential system.

Since then Vertechs has become a growing leader in commercial elevators, LULA elevators and residential elevators by setting higher standards and providing reliable, affordable and safe elevator systems. 10 year waranty optional

Vertechs Elevator Systems is a privately-held North American company with its head office located in Ontario, Canada.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to offer the same level of safety in all our systems, regardless of the application.


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