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New Regulations to Address Residential Elevator Outages

New Rule to Enhance Elevator Availability in Ontario The requirement to report extended elevator outages takes effect in July 2022  April 18, 2022 This summer, legislation is coming into effect that will include new reporting requirements for extended elevator outages in residential buildings.

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Residential Elevator Prices: 5 Tips to Keep Costs Low

Simple money saving tips to help you keep costs low when you choose to install a residential elevator in your home.

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6 Signs a Residential Home Elevator is Right for You

Residential elevators are rising in popularity. We’ve shared six common reasons that more and more people are installing personal elevators in their home.

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How to Plan a Timeline for Residential Elevator Installation

When planning for a residential elevator installation there are many different jumps that you have to go through to before the wheels are set into motion.

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Three Major Signs that Your Elevator Needs to be Replaced

If your apartment or business building has an elevator that seems to be a bit worse for wear then it’s probably time for a replacement.

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Warning Tenants about an Upcoming Elevator Installation

The inconvenience of replacing or even installing an elevator for the first time is going to affect you or whoever is in the building.

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How Does Having an Elevator Promote People Renting Your Apartment?

The benefits of an elevator are going to help promote the rent openings in your apartment because of the ease and stress free worries that come with an elevator.

Three Questions to Ask Before Residential Elevator Installation

It is easy to get swept away in the excitement of planning for your new residential elevator in Ontario, but there are some basics you must assess before installation can occur.

Will I Need To Stay Elsewhere While an Elevator is Being Installed?

Like any home improvement project, installing elevators for residential projects has the potential to be loud and possibly a little messy.

Why NOW is the time to install a residential elevator

So, you’ve purchased your new home.You’ve got the keys and are ready to move in.You’re young, hopeful and full of plans.This is the house you’ve been waiting for, and you have dreams of ensuring this is the house you’ll stay in forever.

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Make a Smart Elevator Choice

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