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4 Elevators that will blow your mind


Whoever thought that an elevator can provide you with a unique thrill that you would only receive at a theme park? For those of us thinking of installing our own home elevators, these may be a little outrageous, but just for fun we show you 4 of the world's most famous and awe-inspiring elevators. 


1) Aquadom

aquado elevator

One of the most popular elevators in the world resides at the Berlin's Radisson Blu Hotel. Aptly named the Aquadom, this elevator is a true spectacle of art that has a unique feature that no other elevator developer has attempted. This popular elevator is surrounded by a 82-foot tall aquarium which consists of a variety of tropical sea life such as the blowfish, silver moon-fish and humped wrasse, just to name a few. The tank holds over a million liters of water and was designed to portray the sensation of being in an underwater wonderland.  


2) Skyview

 skyview elevator

One of the more interesting elevators on this list is the Skyview elevator, which resides in Stockholm, Sweden. This elevator provides an unprecedented view of the city of Stockholm and consists of a spherical setup that is 361 feet in diameter. The spherical glass elevator is commonly referred to as the Jetsons, due to its unusual and futuristic spherical shape. What's even more interesting about this elevator is that it runs on the outside of Sweden’s Ericsson Globe, a structure that is categorized as the largest hemispherical structure in the world. 


3) Hammetschwand Elevator

 Hammetschwand Elevator
The Hammetschwand elevator looks like a rocket that's about to blast off into the unknown. Originally opened in 1905, it has been providing visitors with a bird eye's view of the Ruggen Alps and Lake Lucerne's blue waters. Even though it has been in existence for over 100 years, time has done little to diminish the structure of the elevator and requires a minimum amount of maintenance every few years. At 499 feet, the 48-second ride is considered as the tallest outdoor lift within the whole continent of Europe. What's even more tantalizing about this elevator, is that it traverses a distance of approximately 10 feet per second.

4) Taipei 101

 Taipei 101 Elevator

How long do you think it takes to traverse 89 floors in an elevator? Maybe 2-3 minutes? How about 37 seconds? The Taipei 101 elevator is categorized as the fastest elevator in the world. Located in Taipei, Taiwan, the Taipei 101 has been one of the country's most popular tourist attractions. The elevator resides in a structure that was officially ranked as the world's tallest building in between the years of 2004 and 2010. What's so tantalizing about this elevator is on top of the fact that it gives you an awe inspiring bird's eye view of the city of Taipei and features an atmospheric pressure regulatory system to avoid "ear popping", it has a maximum speed of 1,010 meters per minute or in other words, 3,313 feet per minute.


Obviously these may be a little ostentatious for your home, but they give a good illustration as to the technology that goes into elevators these days. If you’re looking for something for your home, why not take advantage of the expertise and hi-end home elevators from Vertechs for your home. They may not be quite as decadent as those shown above, but you won’t be disappointed with their range, or pricing either!

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