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Keep Costs Under Control

When building a new custom home, keeping track of costs to stay within budget is a feat to it's own. There are always unexpected expenses in materials, with contractors, and surprises so plan ahead. Here are a few quick and easy tips:


History of Elevators

Elevators made building multi storey offices and apartments a reality. People and freight can be shuttled up and down tall buildings in a short space of time, without the need for carrying heavy loads up dozens of flights of stairs. However, many people have no idea that elevators have existed for hundreds of years, in some form.

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Choosing The Right Elevator

Elevators have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to a huge increase in the number of multi story buildings. Many people don’t, however, have much knowledge about the options they have when it comes to elevators, so when they are in a situation where they need to buy one, it can become a little overwhelming. It is important to choose an elevator that combines good design with one that meets standard technical specifications.


4 Elevators that will blow your mind

Whoever thought that an elevator can provide you with a unique thrill that you would only receive at a theme park? For those of us thinking of installing our own home elevators, these may be a little outrageous, but just for fun we show you 4 of the world's most famous and awe-inspiring elevators.

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Customizing your elevator

All home or commercial elevators are the same, aren’t they? At first you might think so. There are a few elements of modern day commercial and home elevators that have been standardized, and can be seen in nearly every elevator, and because of this many people do not realise all the different features of elevators that can be used to make them unique.


Worlds most iconic elevators

Whether you’re choosing to have a home elevator installed, or you’re looking for commercial elevators, nothing is more important than having one that fits with your building. However, what do you do when your building is so iconic that a simple elevator won’t do? Here, we take a look at some of the worlds most iconic iconic attractions, and find out how to get to the top. How many have you seen?

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Top 5 benefits of installing a home elevator

Until recently, home elevators had for a long time been considered an extreme luxury or something most people considered a medical necessity. However, this has drastically changed with the dropping cost of the equipment and installation and changes in people’s lifestyle and tastes today.

Do We Have to Get a Residential Elevator Inspected Each Year?

    Having an elevator in your home can be a great convenience.For those who struggle getting up and down the steps, an elevator can come in real handy.


How Often Do Residential Elevators Need Maintenance?

    More and more often, elevators are becoming something that is not just something that you are solely commercial based.In the United States and in other countries, companies like Vertech Elevators are arising to help include an elevator or residential lift Ontario.


Choosing a Home Elevator for an Elderly Community

    Aging is a natural part of life but you may be experiencing difficulty doing simple tasks around the home.With technology advancing, it has become possible to add a residential elevator to your home, allowing you to continue living in a multi-level home.

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Make a Smart Elevator Choice

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