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Customizing your elevator

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All home or commercial elevators are the same, aren’t they? At first you might think so. There are a few elements of modern day commercial and home elevators that have been standardized, and can be seen in nearly every elevator, and because of this many people do not realise all the different features of elevators that can be used to make them unique. When looking to have the perfect elevator installed, it is important to consider all of the different aspects that are a part of it, so that you end up with a product that you are truly happy with. Some decisions that you will need to make are what kind of ceilings and lights you would like, what wall panels, railings, and what kind of doors and door frames would be best suited to develop your dream elevator. 

Making the right choice for your elevator

For lights and ceilings, most elevators offer a choice of either fluorescent lights, with egg crate diffuser or polycarbonate panels, or LED lights.

For wall panels, there are many different wood finishes to choose from to achieve your desired look, as well as bold stainless steel. Along these wall panels, it is common to see railings, sometimes flat and sometimes round, usually in a stainless steel finish. IN addition to this, in between the wall panels, most elevators have a strip of metal and even this can be customized! This reveal can be either black or stainless steel, depending on preference.


Customization options for different uses

Of course, all elevators have slightly different purposes. When considering which options to include in an elevator, it is worth considering wall panel hooks to hang protective wall pads on if it is likely that the elevator will used to carry bulky cargo, so that the wall panels do not get damaged.

For the exterior of an elevator, a choice must be made between painted doors and doorframes or stainless steel doors and doorframes. If painted a door and doorframe are chosen, it is then important to pick a colour that works with the area surrounding the elevator’s entrances.

So clearly, not all elevators are the same. From the lights and wall panels of the interior, to the colour and material used to make up the elevator exterior, there are many ways in which elevators can differ. But that’s a great thing, because all these options for the different parts of your elevator ensure that it is very possible to have a unique, yet tastefully designed, elevator that is in line with your stylistic preferences, whatever they happen to be.

Make a Smart Elevator Choice

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