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How Does Having an Elevator Promote People Renting Your Apartment?

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The benefits of an elevator are going to help promote the rent openings in your apartment because of the ease and stress free worries that come with an elevator.

While you might feel that tenants don’t need to use your elevator all the time there are important parts in a tenant’s time in your building where they will be thanking you for having an elevator. Any elevator is also going to draw in the elderly and mothers with strollers who dread walking or dragging anything up and down those stairs.


The benefits of an elevator is that if your building have more than four floors even those who are seriously athletic are going to start begging for an elevator. The time spent walking up and down stairs is not going to be as admired as the ease of pushing a button, no matter how much exercise you get. The taller the building the more an elevator is accepted and without any elevator in place you might see promising new tenants walking away in search of somewhere else. 

The Elderly

The possibility of the elderly or disabled tenant is always going to be affected by whether or not you have an elevator is your building. While many other tenants can survive without an elevator in their building these select people cannot which means that unless you have space on the ground floor they’re not going to even give your apartment a second glance. The benefits of an elevator is always going to impact the older tenants who could have a serious fall when moving from floor to floor. If you are thinking about installing an elevator into your apartments yours decision could mean a larger pool of possible renters flocking to your building once it is complete. 

A Stress Free Move In

The stress of moving to a new location is going to be difficult for anyone, or any age. However, the lack of an elevator just made three floors look like Mt. Olympus. This isn’t to say that it isn’t impossible but now your happy go lucky tenant is realizing their mistake about signing onto an apartment with no elevator. While a tenant needs to move only move in and out once in your apartment you’d rather them move out later, rather than sooner. Moving out can also be as stressful especially if your tenant is a heavy packer. While you might still have tenants renting into your apartments many new tenants might not want to rent in an apartment without any elevators.

Having an elevator in your apartment is going to promote people into renting by the benefits that come with it. Any elevator is going to provide a stress free environment with moving in and out, a saver way of travelling up and down strains for the elderly and disabled and a comfort for all the guests. By adding an elevator to your apartments you are adding on to your apartments benefits and keeping your tenants comfortable and happy.

Make a Smart Elevator Choice

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