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Keep Costs Under Control

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When building a new custom home, keeping track of costs to stay within budget is a feat to it's own. There are always unexpected expenses in materials, with contractors, and surprises so plan ahead. Here are a few quick and easy tips:

Never Cave To Peer Pressure

It's common to hear input from friends, co-workers and sales people with the announcement of planning to build a new custom home. They may mean well with their suggestions, but these often can get out of control and out of scope. Keep to a simple plan, use a professional, and only use a single person for your final go-to ideas. Resist accepting and wanting to implement every new idea you hear about.

When There is a Change, Buy Discount Materials

There is no shame in saving some money by purchasing materials for a good price. Some popular companies charge top dollar for materials, but the same or similar quality can often be found for a lower price at discount stores. 

Use Simpler Designs And Materials

One of the main reasons people choose to build custom homes is so they can add their own features and personalize it to their own tastes. There is no need to build a home that looks plain, limit and prioritize the number of ongoing special features. Remember why you went down this path in the first place. For example, a person who wants to install a residential home elevator, along with marble countertops and five gables on the top floor can prioritize and compromise. It is likely that the residential home elevator is necessary, and should be a priority that is not compromised. Don't cheap out and cut corners on it's finishes to keep in budget as your primary intent was to have a residential home elevator, and you will always regret it. Instead, find alternatives to granite counters and limit the gables to two or three.

Keep Track of Estimates and Actual Costs

Estimates and final costs often vary. Without keeping track of these costs accurately, a build could be off budget in access of 20%! Keep a log of all costs, and if something new arises, add it to your list. An organized builder will have all costs in check to avoid any surprises in the beginning, during or at the end of the project.
Download the following check list, and use it throughout your build. Use it to keep accurate track of all costs, and minimize changes along the way. This will keep your build moving forward, avoiding headaches, unnecessary stress and heartaches.

Free Download: Home Cost Tracking

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