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How to Plan a Timeline for Residential Elevator Installation

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When planning for a residential elevator installation there are many different jumps that you have to go through to before the wheels are set into motion. Most homes that install an elevator have a member of the family who requires an elevator to move from floor to floor. However, they might be the ones who are affected most by the loudness of the installation. This is why when installing elevators for residential projects it is smart to set out a time line that can show when the project will be completed, which will help any residents of the home to either remove themselves from the home or to have an end date in sight during the installation.

The Budget

Many separate pieces can affect the time of a project however depending on how large your budget it the timeline can be affected. By having a larger budget the elevator installation can be simplified with more organized funds. Your budget can stretch if there is a certain timeline you want the installation to be complete on because of the expedite ordering or parts and the overtime for the actually labor. Your budget is the key if you have a project that you want finished on your own timeline.

The Space

The space that you are hoping to install your elevator in might not be easily accommodating to the installation process, which means a longer time to get everything in order. By working with your hired team you might be able to select a better place to install your elevator however if you are fixated on that one location then you might be waiting a bit longer for your completed elevator, which means a longer timeline as well.

The Size of the Elevator

If you are planning to install a smaller elevator then the total time of the installation can be much quicker depending on the location of the elevator. If the installation team doesn’t have to push and tear away walls to create the space for your elevator then you home will be in working order sooner. However, if the elevator is larger and needs more space to accommodate its size then there might be an issue in completing the installation in a certain time.

The Number of Floors 

The size of the home is the next barrier in your way that could impact the time line you might have set out for yourself in the beginning or your project. The number of floors you want your elevator to travel is going to add on to the time of the installation process because of the work that needs to be done on each separate floor. While the elevator installation process is going to be affected, the timeline can still be written out and even with a lengthier process.

The timeline of an elevator installation in a residential home is not going to always be the right length especially if you are working with a budget. The labor needed to install a working elevator a company can be proud of is always going to take time. By working with the team to plan out a timeline you can both agree on then you can begin to plan your homes schedule around their installation process.

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