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Residential Elevator Prices: 5 Tips to Keep Costs Low

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Installing an elevator in your home is a big project - and like any large renovation, that means there are plenty of stages that have the potential to increase your costs. But staying on budget when adding an in-home elevator certainly isn’t impossible.  In fact, we’ve shared some simple tips below that can help you to keep your costs low during the elevator installation process, from planning to aftercare.  

Have a Plan (And Stick to It!)

Adding an elevator to your home is an exciting process.  When you tell family and friends about the project, they’ll probably have plenty of suggestions that they think will only increase your return on investment.  However, all of those ideas can lead to features that you don’t need and an increase in your overall costs.  While an elevator can certainly add value to your home, it’s also important that you stick to your budget.  Keep the project on track by writing down why you made the decision to purchase an elevator, and what’s required to make it work in your home.  

Keep it Simple

The more upgrades and design features that you add to your elevator project, the more expensive it will be.  Instead of opting for the best of everything, talk through the process with your contractor to determine what you really need and what you can live without.  The company you choose should be able to provide you with detailed drawings in the planning stages so that you’re able to get a sense of how your elevator will look in your home before construction begins.  This helps to eliminate potential changes during the building process that can ultimately increase your costs. 

Track Spending

Estimates and final costs can vary as there is the potential for unforeseen challenges to present themselves during a home elevator installation.  However, an experienced company should be able to provide you with regular cost updates to ensure there are no surprises throughout the elevator purchase process, from design to installation.  At Vertech’s, we provide plenty of support to our clients to ensure a smooth ride from the planning stages right up until the elevator is installed (and even afterwards, too).  We’ve found that solid planning and good site preparation helps to ensure that we’re able to deliver our elevators to our customers within budget.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

Residential elevators require regular safety inspections, though the frequency of those inspections can vary depending on the laws of your province or state.  Once your elevator is installed in your home, it’s important to get it checked regularly not only to comply with the law, but to ensure everything's running smoothly.  Therefore, you shouldn’t forget about the cost of potential elevator maintenance when you’re adding up your overall budget.  Vertech’s offers a ten-year warranty on all elevator systems that are supported by a low cost preventative maintenance program, which offers parts and labour at a lower rate than any other elevator company. 

Work with Vertechs

We’re very proud of the work that we do - and with more than a decade of experience manufacturing and selling Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) Elevators, we’ve discovered lots of ways to help our customers save money.  LULA elevators are more affordable than the traditional passenger elevator - and we’ve become very efficient at making them, allowing us to pass on that savings on to our customers.  Plus, we use non-proprietary products, meaning that helps to keep our supplier costs down, and our clients’ maintenance costs low.  Don’t let our prices fool you - they’re low because we’re the best at what we do.

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