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Three Major Signs that Your Elevator Needs to be Replaced

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If your apartment or business building has an elevator that seems to be a bit worse for wear then it’s probably time for a replacement. However, there could be a number of things holding you back from making the call to having an elevator replaced. The business of your building might be an issue depending on how many elevators you own. There could be complaints if you have elderly tenants not being able to leave their floors either. If you are still unsure of what to do, here are three signs your elevator needs to be replaced.

Slowing Down 

If you have noticed a change in the speed of your elevator, you might have to start thinking about an elevator replacement. The wear of an elevator can be increased with large parties piling into the elevator day after day especially if it is located in an office building. By pushing your elevator through the strain of a heavy load every day it’s not going to improve with time. In fact, while you are waiting for elevator inspections safer to start asking the buildings patrons to take the stairs so there is no more strain or the possibility of an accident.


When an elevator always stops a little above or below the floor it is a sign that the brakes are worn. The process of mid-leveling can occur over time and might not be noticeable in the beginning However when the breaks start to wear down even more then there can be a more noticeable impact with tripping and falling without realizing that the elevator has stopping an inch lower than the floor. These accident are just the beginning if your elevator is heavily used in your building. Mid-leveling is a prime sign that your brakes must be fixed and the entire elevator inspected.

Constantly Breaking Down 

When an elevator refuses to work, the doors keep refusing to open or close, or there are many floor malfunctions in a week then your elevator is beginning its end. The signs of an elevator needing replacing are really defined by the constant break down. No matter how many times you get it repaired or looked at it’s like your elevator is in a hopeless downward spiral. By finally accepting that your elevator is at its end, you can put it out of its misery and begin searching for a replacement.

Warning the Tenants 

When you have final ordered a replacement for your elevator it’s time to start working the tenant or people who visit your buildings every day. If you only have one elevator in your building your first wave or warnings should be to the elderly and those who are unable to walk comfortably up or down stairs. By keeping, your tenants informed your elevator replacement process could run a lot smoother. 

By keeping yourself aware of the problems of your elevator and going through a routine inspection every year you are more likely notice failing elevator before the signs even show. The benefit to keeping alert is also going to help with whomever if located in your building. 

By being smart about your scheduling, you can also schedule repairs or replacements during holidays when your building might be less populated as well. By looking for the three signs your elevator needs to be replaced your elevator replacement can run much easier.

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