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Top 5 benefits of installing a home elevator

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Until recently, home elevators had for a long time been considered an extreme luxury or something most people considered a medical necessity. However, this has drastically changed with the dropping cost of the equipment and installation and changes in people’s lifestyle and tastes today. This has seen many homeowners in Canada opting to install home elevators for an assortment of reasons. Taking a look at the many benefits that come with the installation of a home elevator, we have picked out the top 5 for review:

1. Functionality

Elevators can be of enormous importance in simplifying life, helping to minimise daily re-occurring movements of climbing stairs. For most homeowners, carrying items up and down every day, usually on a staircase, can be a tiresome experience. With an elevator, moving heavy and bulky objects becomes easier and spares a lot of wasted time, especially when moving multiple items. For people who have mobility issues, the elevators can be a way for them to enjoy moving around their home with ease, and this in turn offers them some much-needed independence.

2. Saves on space

Comparatively speaking, home elevators take up much less space than stairwells, thus helping to save a huge chunk of space. This is largely due to the fact that the shaft housing the elevator takes up only a small amount of room. In some cases, the elevator can even be installed outside on an external wall, providing an indoor entry at each level.

3. Increases the property value

A home elevator acts as a profitable investment for many, helping to increase the resale value of the home. You’ll find that most prospective home buyers today get easily attracted to homes which are accessible by elevators as many house buyers already look to future accessibility of the home, as no one wants to have to move home when mobility worsens. This, therefore, is the reason why installing a residential elevator will increase the desirability and worth of your home.

4. Security

One of the most significant benefits of installing a home elevator is the safety that comes with it to everyone living in your home. This is especially helpful to children and older, frailer people who may find it challenging moving up the stairs. Elevators reduce cases of common accidents such as falling down the stairs or in worse cases, children tripping over stair rails.

5. Style

With residential elevators becoming more affordable and popular, many Canadian homeowners are using them to add a stylish characteristic to their home. As mentioned earlier, a home elevator is an investment that will benefit you for a long time and installing it might make your home the first in your street to showcase this growing trend.
Home elevators aren’t a just reserved for the affluent members of our society anymore and thus more homeowners should understand the value of installing one. With the benefits of these highly coveted machines clearly outlined above, it is time you too adopted this trend and install one in your home. With Vertechs elevators, it’s more affordable than ever to own your own home elevator. 

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