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Worlds most iconic elevators


Whether you’re choosing to have a home elevator installed, or you’re looking for commercial elevators, nothing is more important than having one that fits with your building. However, what do you do when your building is so iconic that a simple elevator won’t do? Here, we take a look at some of the worlds most iconic iconic attractions, and find out how to get to the top. How many have you seen? 


1) The Eiffel Tower Elevator

eiffel tower

This is one of the greatest elevators in Paris, France, situated in Frances most iconic building, how could it not be included on our list?

It is very tall and one must first have to take a lift from its ground to the first level. However, the lift is not a regular vertical elevator in itself but an elevator that runs up the ground area of the tower in a visible diagonal line. After reaching the first level, an individual switches to a regular elevator that takes one to the top where the wonderful skylines of Paris can be seen. The tower was named after engineer Gustavo Eiffel whose company designed and built the magnificent tower.  


2) Gateway Arch

 Gateway Arch Elevator

This monument is found in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It is 190 meters tall and was built using stainless steel and built in form of an arch. It is the world’s tallest arch and the tallest man-made monument in the history of United States. Each leg of the arc has a tram, which acts as a lift that can be used to go to the top of the monument. Furthermore, each tram is a big chain of eight compartments which are egg-shaped and capable of holding up to five passengers. The entire trip to the top takes about five minutes but it can be less depending on the speed of the user. The Arch was designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen and German-American structural engineer Hannskarl Bandel in 1947. 


3) The Falkirk Wheel

 Falkirk WheelL
This is a rotating boatlift that connects Scotland’s Forth and Clyde canal with the famous Union Canal. The difference in height between these two canals is about 24 meters, almost equivalent to the height of an eight-storey building. In basic terms, one is riding an elevator within a boat. It was named after the nearby town of Falkirk in central Scotland. It was opened in 2002 thus reconnecting the two canals for the first time since the 1930s.

4) The Sky Tower

 sky tower

This is a telecommunication and an observation tower located in Auckland, New Zealand. It has a breathtaking view from the observation level, which is about 610 feet in the air. It is 328 meters long and has become an iconic feature due to its height and unique design. The journey up to the observation level is by a 40-second ride up elevators made of glass. It also has a glass-made floor so that one can look down through the floor for the further thrill of seeing the earth speeding away! 

So as you can see, there are many different ways of  “going up in the world!” although, of course, we prefer the humble elevator!

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