ICON Machine Room less Traction

Applications: low/mid/high rise buildings, institutional, condo/apartment, office

We call our Machine Room Less (MRL) traction  elevators The ICON.  In a sea of MRL offerings from our major competitors.  Our ICON offers the only system in North America that fits within the same hoistways sizes. Yet is non-proprietary. Not just the controller and software. But the design and parts too.   

An ICON for the rest of the industry to look too. 

Standard non-proprietary controls, parts and design. Simple to fix, simple to maintain, simple to own. 

Systems supported from world leaders in the elevator industry, Zielh-Abegg (motor) , Magnetek (drive), Brugg (ropes) , GMV (controller and doors).

When choosing a vertical transportation solution for your building Vertechs is your solution.

Industry standard hoistways, power requirements, no service tools, support for product not just for us. But also a future maintenance company.

Why corner your building with an elevator system only the installation company can competently maintain?  

We supply a variety of capacities from 2100pd to 4000pd capacity passenger elevators. We typically supply the standard wide style of elevators.

All of our traditional wide cars are available in industry standard hoistways. We can fit in your building. 

But also all of our elevators are available in a deep configuration. This allows for greater design flexibility. 

Please look below for plan views. 

Speeds are  150fpm /.75ms to 350fpm /1.78ms

Maximum 200ft /60960 mm

No machine room required controller located in wall at top landing for easy service.


    Plan Views