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Meet the ICON MRL Traction Elevator 


Our non proprietary machine roomless traction elevator is the next generation of vertical transportation.  Designed and manufactured in Canada, ICON is a 2:1 underslung MRL with 8 mm BRUGG CTB coated ropes.  The ICON is perfectly suited for any project with 2 to 20 floors.


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Standard and Deep Cabs

Capacity from 2100 lbs (953 kg)


4000 lbs (1814 kg)

Maximum Stops

Max 20 stops inline and 

35 stops front and rear.

Nominal Speed*

150 ft/min (0.76 m/s)


350 ft/min (1.8 m/s)

*Actual speed will change depending
on job specific variables

Maximum Travel**

240' (73152 mm)

**Maximum travels may change
slightly as elevator speed changes.


 Other features of the ICON

  • Saves time and space - no machine room allows you to maximize available space.

  • Ideal for 2 to 20 floor projects - new or refurbishes.

  • Lower consumed power versus comparable hydraulic elevators.

  • Two speed fully automatic sliding doors.

  • ICON can fit into most industry standard hoistways.

  • Some cabs meet IBC stretcher requirements.

  • Comes equipped with industry-leading safety features including car top inspection stations.


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