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We have traction and hydraulic elevators that meet the International Building Code stretcher requirements.

The international Building Code (IBC) specifies that any building "four or more stories above, or four or more stories below grade plane" must have at least one elevator car that is able to accommodate a standard 24" x 84"* (610 mm x 2134 mm) ambulance stretcher in the open, horizontal position.

Some EDGE series hydraulic passenger elevators and ICON series MRL traction elevators meet the IBC stretcher requirements.

*Note:  Different codes are applicable in some jurisdictions.


Capacity (lbs) Cab Type Door Width

IBC Stretcher

OBC Stretcher

FLA Stretcher

2100 Standard  42"  N  N
2500  Standard 42" 
3000 Standard  42"  Y (Angle) 
3500 Standard  42"  Y (Angle) 
2300 Deep 42"   N  N Y (Angle) 
2890 Deep  42" 
3500 Deep  42" 
4000 Deep  42" 


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