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BOSS/LULA Commercial Elevator

The lowest cost commercial elevator for buildings with four (4) floors or less. Side doors available.

A great commercial elevator for projects that have low traffic and have budget and space challenges.

  LULA / BOSS    Brochure

The BOSS/LULA - from Vertechs!

The big solution that comes in a small package.  The Boss (also known as a LULA) is an ADA compliant elevator that meets commercial codes.  This elevator could be the solution for your project that has challenges.  If you have an existing building with limited space available for an elevator, the Boss has a smaller foot print which requires less square footage of your building's already limited space.  Or, if your budget is tight and you want to find cost saving materials and options - the Boss is the lowest cost in elevator options.

Benefits to choosing the BOSS/LULA from Vertechs:

    *  Standard Features equal to or better than a full passenger elevator
        - ADA Compliant
        - Meets Commercial Codes
        - Automatic Sliding Doors
        - Inline and Front & Rear configurations
        - Fire Service Available
        - Requires less building space
        - Low Acquisition cost
        - Low Maintenance cost
COP Man w cane pressing cop 020 lula inside cab
The LULA elevator is not for every project.  Call your Vertechs representative to get more details on the Boss and the Edge 1-888-320-5438.

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