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BOSS/LULA Commercial Elevator

The lowest cost commercial elevator for buildings with four (4) floors or less. Side doors avaialble.

A great commercial elevator for projects that have low traffic and have budget and space challenges.

Edge Full Passenger Commercial Elevator

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VEU Residential Home Elevator

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Since 1996, Vertechs has been manufacturing and selling LULA elevators.  The market had a need for an ADA compliant, commercial elevator that would move people easily and economically in low-traffic and low-rise buildings.  Providing the LULA, or Boss as we call it was our starting point.


We have partnered with the global leader in hydraulic elevator components.  Their technical expertise and their strong financial standing has provided us the backing needed to extend their #1 position into North America.  This gives every Vertechs customer the peace of mind that we will be here tomorrow to support you and back up our warranty.

Architect and General Contractor Support

The key to a successful project is planning.  Vertechs will help with specification, planning, information on our non-proprietary equipment and construction support to ensure a smooth ride before and after our elevator is installed.

Life-Cycle Cost

When choosing an elevator and elevator company more than just the acquisition cost of the elevator should be considered.  Keeping costs down in the planning stages by providing detailed drawings and reducing change orders is how we support you when you choose Vertechs Elevators.  Support with site preparation and planning will also minimize installation time and costs.  Vertechs utilizes non-proprietary products so this helps to keep our supplier costs down and it keeps your maintenance costs down.   Add all of these items together:  good planning/low change costs, good site preparation/low installation cost, low elevator acquisition cost and non-proprietary equipment/low maintenance costs = Lower Life-Cycle Cost of Vertical Transportation.


Vertechs offers 10 year warranty of all elevator systems that are supported by a low cost preventative maintenance program. Our low cost maintenance program offers all parts and labour at a lower cost than any other elevator company.

Make a Smart Elevator Choice

For all of your elevator needs contact your Vertechs Representative.
Our sales offices are located in Ontario & Florida.