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EDGE Low Rise Commercial Elevator

The low-cost elevator for public and private buildings.

Up to seven stops or +/- 50 feet* of travel.  Standard industry cab sizes, current popular amenities, architectural support, efficient installation and excellent ride quality. 

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Low-Cost Solutions to Your Low-Rise Elevator Needs

Vertechs offers hydraulic elevators, the low cost and reliable solution that architects, specifiers and building owners are seeking for their low-rise buildings. We offer non-proprietary components from our fluitronic drive system to the TSSA/CSA approved controllers, the Vertechs elevator systems provide the latest in safety, long term performance and short term installation time. Ideally suited for buildings with under 50 ft (15.24 M) of travel, these elevators are designed to move people effortlessly between floors. From the smallest commercial elevator capacity of 2100 lb (954 kg) 24 sq ft to the largest, 3500 lb (1591 kg) 36 sq ft., Vertechs has the elevator package that will suit the needs of most office buildings, schools, churches , libraries, doctors offices, hotels and restaurants.

Project support in design stages + efficient installations + non-proprietary equipment allows property owners to keep life-cycle cost of purchase and maintenance of their elevators at the lowest in the industry. 

Architect Friendly

Vertechs will support the architect in writing the elevator specification to fit the needs of the Architect and building owner. This ensures the specification is accurate when going out to bid, reduces the number of addendums needed, and lessens the work load of the architect and staff. This also practically eliminates any costly change orders after the fact.

Ecologically Friendly

Vertechs uses only 'holeless jack' technology, thereby eliminating the inevitable problems and cost associated with borehole jacks. Vertechs also offers the option of use of a bio-degradeable fluid, further enhancing its eco-friendly status.

User Friendly

Vertechs cabs are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to operate, safe to ride and easy to maintain.



Make a Smart Elevator Choice

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