EDGE Low Rise Commercial Elevator

The low-cost elevator for public and private buildings.

Up to seven stops or +/- 50 feet* of travel.  Standard industry cab sizes, current popular amenities, and efficient support and installation for the smoothest elevator ride during and after construction.

Boss Low Rise Commercial Elevator

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VEU Residential Home Elevator

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The EDGE - from Vertechs!

Commercial full passenger elevators for low-rise projects. The 2500 lb hydraulic commercial elevator is the dominate choice for most low-rise commercial buildings. If the building you are designing is 5 floors or less (50 ft of travel) the 2500 lb EDGE from Vertechs is likely what your project needs. We also offer other capacities that can be selected depending on the need and use of the elevator. 

We can help you with any of the these full passenger commercial elevators.

    -  2100 lb.
    -  2500 lb.
    -  3000 lb.
    -  3500 lb.

Low Life-Cycle Cost

    -  Low cost up front investment.
    -  Minimal on site logistic issues with Sub Trades reducing the possibility of costly change orders.
    -  Exact Elevator Specification requiring little to no costly addendums.    -  Very efficient installation.
    -  We provide 10 year warranty supported by a low cost preventative maintenance program, all parts and labour are included 24/7.
    -  All parts are non-proprietary making it possible for the building owner to chose any elevator company they wish to perform the preventative maintenance should Vertechs not be performing to the building owners expectations.

Make a Smart Elevator Choice

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