Residential HOME elevator

We only do home elevators. No Lifts.

We have been in the home elevator business for over 25 years. However in 2020 we made the decision to only offer one style of home elevator. The VEU with full automatic door.

The VEU comes standard as an elevator. Press button elevators comes you walk in the already open door.  What a concept.

Our fully automatic elevator. Has doors just like a real elevator. They slide automatically out of sight. Available in a range of finishes and heights to fit your application. Also no need to purchase or supply expensive swing doors in front of your elevator. Which also means we ensure that you are safety compliant as we control and install of the elevator doors.

Most of the home market still supplies manual swing door lifts with gates on the cabin. Not real elevators, less convenient. Not to mention the safety aspect of the 3/4 rule.

If there is one thing you do with your home elevator purchase. Be sure you understand the 3/4″ x 4 rule and your unit is 3/4 compliant. More information below.

We offer a variety of sizes and configurations all to industry standard safety codes. We also try to supply a machine roomless (MRL) unit on all of our residential applications. This means no elevator equipment within the home only in the hoistway where it belongs.

The Vertechs VEU Advantage

  • Fully automatic doors all the time every job. No doors by GC/Home owner . Exceptional convenience and safety
  • Machine Roomless , Electrical disconnects supplied by Vertechs
  • Safety compliance , Your families safety is number one. We control all aspects of the elevator system
  • Many different finish options available