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Residential Home Elevator

Include the Vertechs VEU; The Best Engineered Residential Home Elevator in Ontario, so you can utilize all areas with ease. Vertechs Elevator supports your projects from start to finish and beyond.

More and more homeowners across North America recognize that a residential elevator from Vertechs is a worthwhile addition to their home. Whether you are planning for an accessibility need or looking for convenience, we are confident you will find that Vertechs will exceed your expectations. The standard features that we provide and options made available to you will help you to enjoy your home to the fullest for years and years.


Make a Residential Home Elevator Part of YOUR Life

Vertechs Veu

Simply the Best Residential Home Elevator in its Class

We invite you to explore our residential pages to see for yourself that we offer a variety of styles and options that fit any of your decor plans. Choosing a VEU can potentially add resale value to your home along with the added convenience and freedom for all family members. Standard equipped with fully automatic sliding doors, the VEU from Vertechs provides you everything you need. 10 year waranty optional.

  • Convenience
  • Value
  • Quality

A Valuable Addition to Your Home

Enhance a person’s life and their home

The reasons for adding an elevator to a home are many. It might be to provide the homeowner with access to all levels of their home for years to come, despite the onset of mobility, health or aging issues. Perhaps it’s to allow someone to transport equipment or furniture.  Or maybe the reason for a residential elevator is to add a distinctive touch and increase the value of your home.


Innovative Thinking

Employed throughout the design

At Vertechs our team of engineers are always seeking out innovations that will enhance our products. The Vertechs VEU is evidence of that. It’s one of the only few elevators of its kind that comes equipped with fully-automatic sliding doors. It is powered by our fluitronic drive system which has the added option of utilizing environmentally friendly synthetic bio-degradable fluids. Unlike many other home elevators, the Vertechs VEU does not draw power when it’s sitting idle. And to extend the green story all Vertechs home elevators are equipped with LED lights.


Safety Conscious

Engineered for peace of mind

The Vertechs VEU is manufactured to a level of safety with our standard features that few others can match. Standard features of your Vertechs elevator:

  • Built in telephone that allows dialing and conversation as easy as it is from any home extension.
  • Electronic Absolute Positioning System - a computer controlled system that stops the elevator smoothly and level with each floor.
  • Choose the automatic sliding doors system and your elevator will be equipped with electronic infrared motion sensors to prevent doors from closing too early.

Rest assured, if you choose a Vertechs VEU you will have the safest home elevator available today.

Make a Smart Elevator Choice

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