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Vertechs Veu

A True Residential Home Elevator

Designed with real automatic doors and advanced safety features that eliminate the need of inconvenient and dangerous swing doors and folding gates offered in home lift units.

The Veu offers elegance, beauty and easy access to all the levels of a home, while at the same time providing maximum protection to adults and children. The Veu is the perfect elevator for multi-floor housing or individual home projects.

VEU Home Elevator Design Area


Let's Get Started

When considering a home elevator, their are several trims and finishes that you can consider. Each of the main areas below link to a detailed page about the various options in the VEU.  

Handrail Brushed SS2 Walls Ceiling5 Auto Sliding Doors
Hand Rail Walls and Ceiling  Automatic Sliding Doors
Brushed SS COP LED Lights2 Brushed Stainless Steel with Brushed Stainless Steel Button
Control Operating Panel Energy Efficient LED Lights Hall Stations

Make a Smart Elevator Choice

For all of your elevator needs contact your Vertechs Representative.
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