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Vertechs Veu

A True Residential Home Elevator. Family Owned and Operated.

Designed with real automatic doors and advanced safety features that eliminate the need of inconvenient and dangerous swing doors and folding gates offered in home lift units.

The Veu offers elegance, beauty and easy access to all the levels of a home, while at the same time providing maximum protection to adults and children. The Veu is the perfect elevator for multi-floor housing or individual home projects.

Our Products

Vertechs VEU - The Smart Elevator Choice

After years of success as a commercial elevator manufacturer, Vertechs has answered the call with the ultimate choices in residential elevators. Vertechs puts your safety and the safety of your family at the forefront of our products.  For that reason we offer only fully automatic sliding cab doors.  Automatic slide doors eliminate the well-documented risk of injury to pets and children.  Automatic doors also offer the ultimate in convenience to the homeowner.


Fully Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

Completely automatic sliding entrance and cab doors for convenience and luxury.  This door system operates fully automatically with just a touch of a button.  Choose this door system because you have accessibility needs or because you want the ease, comfort and convenience of a completely automatic system.  This elevator will operate just as we are all accustomed to elevators to work - press the button and the doors slide open without any further effort on your part.  Choose stainless steel, wood or painted doors for each entrance to make a statement in your dream home.  

Configuration of your Elevator

Vertechs has a configuration to fit your needs. Whether it is a simple inline configuration with all entrances to your elevator on the same side of the elevator. Or, you need multiple entrances with different points of entry at different floors. Choose the configuration that best fits your floor plan or contact Vertechs to get expert support in choosing the right configuration for your needs.





Make a Smart Elevator Choice

For all of your elevator needs contact your Vertechs Representative.
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