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Vertech Veu

A True Residential Home Elevator

Designed with real automatic doors and advanced safety features that eliminate the need of inconvenient and dangerous swing doors and folding gates offered in home lift units.

The Veu offers elegance, beauty and easy access to all the levels of a home, while at the same time providing maximum protection to adults and children. The Veu is the perfect elevator for multi-floor housing or individual home projects.

Vertechs VEU Benefits

Designed to be the best engineered Residential Home Elevator in North America

Besides the VEU's unparallel levels of safety, its elegant design offers practicality as well as functionality. The Vertechs VEU provides immediate prestige and added value to your home, as well as safe and easy mobility from the basement to the attic.

Every Vertechs VEU is equipped with the following features:


Vertechs believes that anyone building a new home should be able to afford an elevator. We make it possible to include an elevator without breaking your budget. Contacts us for a free, no obligation, quote.

Extra Living Space

Vertechs VEU provides equipment that is out of sight and out of mind...Machine Room Less (MRL). Every square foot of space is important and valuable to you in your home. Would you rather have a closet full of elevator equipment or an extra closet that you can use for your own personal belongings? We know everyone loves storage space, so we place all of our equipment inside the hoist way and do not require any of your living space for our equipment.

Quiet Operation

The MRL equipment mentioned above is located in the hoist way which provides additional sound dampening qualities to your VEU experience. That along with the latest technologies utilized, your elevator will seem almost totally silent. It is so quiet that it will be less noticeable than a dishwashing machine and far more quiet than most other home elevators.

Smooth Ride and Smooth Final Stop

The VEU uses a two speed fluitronic drive system that provides a smooth, pleasant ride. It also utilizes a slower speed which allows for a soft and quiet final stop. Occupants hardly feel the transition from traveling speed into the slower leveling speed and then into the final stop.

Safe and Professional Installation

As part of our commitment to quality and safety, the VEU is only installed by qualified mechanics that are fully trained and approved by Vertechs.

Standard Requirements

The VEU can be installed inside of wood frame, block or poured concrete hoist way. Standard household electrical requirements - single phase 220/110 volts.


The VEU has many options to provide you with as much or as little comfort you desire. We can provide a turn-key, completely finished interior or a basic interior that your own contractor can stain/paint or apply other finishing touches.


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