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20 years ago, having an elevator in your home was a luxury that only a select few could have, and even then, they were fairly limited as far as functionality and design were concerned. Now, with the explosive growth of the economy and the exponential rise in technology, home elevators are becoming more and more common in North America. This is partially a result of the need for better accessibility among older generations, such as the baby boomers, but also a result of 5 core functional benefits for the everyday family.  

Benefit #1: Safety 

Safety is of paramount concern to many households, especially for those with families. Adding a residential elevator can, actually, improve safety in the home. Due to the very strict safety regulations in the elevator industry, elevator manufacturers such as GMV-North America are revolutionizing safety features to ensure that customers can enjoy the comfort of an elevator in their home without the concern of being trapped due to emergencies, such as blackouts.  

“elevator manufacturers, like GMV, have created configurators that allows architects or homeowners to tailor their packages to their design preferences, right down to the buttons.”

Elevators are also an alternative to the burden of stairwells. An article by Thomson Reuters has found that “About half of homes in the United States contain stairs, according to the Census Bureau, and the direct and indirect costs of non-fatal stair injuries total about $92 billion annually”, for the full article, click hereTherefore, adding an elevator to your home can most definitely be a small cost in comparison to potential personal injury.  

Benefit #2: Installation Partners 

So, you want an elevator in your house and you’ve chosen your design. However, you’re worried about a long installation process? No problem. Elevator manufacturers, like GMV-North America, solve this issue with partnerships. Partnering with installation companies such as Vertechs Elevators makes this simple. Choosing manufacturers that use local installers lowers installation time and labor costs due to 100% completed elevator packages.  

These all-encompassing elevator packages change the residential elevator market. This technology allows installers to reduce the number of trips they make. Now, installers only collect tools and pieces once, lowering labor costs. Completed elevator packages also offer non-proprietary components. Should pieces need to replaced or serviced in the future, the installer can pick any manufacturer for a replacement. Reducing the manufacturer bottleneck for installers naturally lowers component prices due to non-proprietary competition amongst suppliers.  

Benefit #3 Customizable Design 

Now that your concerns about safety have been addressed, we can get to the fun part, designing your elevator. A concern many architects, home developers, and others have is whether thelevator will match building aesthetic design. Elevator manufacturers, like GMV, create configurators that allow clientele to tailor their packages to specific design preferences. Now architects can ensure that the depth and cab sizes are precisely measured. Interior decorators can also ensure that details are complimentary of the rest of the home’s interior aesthetic.  

Benefit #4: Accessibility  

Installing home elevators not only improve aesthetics but also have important practical uses. For those with accessibility needs, a residential elevator is crucial. For many in North America, it’s important to have tools within the household that offer floor-by-floor accessThere is also intangible benefit to the addition of an elevator for generations heading towards retirement. A GMV elevator not only makes your home more accessible but also helps you stay in your home during retirement.  

Benefit #5: Add Value to Your House 

If the aforementioned benefits have not already sold you on a residential elevator for your home, then perhaps this might. Installing a home elevator will actually increase the value of your home, making the decision less about cost and more about investment. With the average age of home buyers rising due to the baby boomers, it is more and more valuable to have an elevator feature in your house. Buyers are looking for features that not only make their house unique but also allow them to call their new purchase their “forever home”. By adding an elevator to your house now, you are increasing the value by up to 10% and have a showpiece that is sure to dazzle potential buyers, should you ever want to sell.  


Now that you know the benefits of installing a home elevator, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our team for a free consolation. We have also provided informative brochures to help you learn more about the incredible packages GMV – North America offers.